The Instagram Debacle

So, I started this blog… and then I almost immediately freaked out about it. There were definitely a few contributing factors: first and foremost being Instagram. Yeah… oops.

You see, my husband / Daddy (have I even introduced him on here yet? Well, we will talk about him more later!) looks at a lot of interesting stuff on Instagram. He often shows it to me. I have my own account, well, two accounts, actually. Both were made after a lot of urging from my 17 year old son, who couldn’t believe I didn’t have an account, haha. So we made one for me, and one for the cats. The cats have double the followers I have… of course.

But I’m terrible with social media, so I stopped posting after awhile. I just get bored with it all. However, I started thinking: what if I made a Little account?? (Because I know there’s stuff like that out there, since my Daddy follows different kink accounts.) Now, I’m not totally naive in my adult brain, but my Little mind tends to be a tad… okay, yes, naive. My thought was that I could find like-minded Littles and maybe finally have some friends.

Duh, that’s also what this blog was for. But this would be a two-pronged approach! Yeah! Plus, I always take so many cute Little pics for Daddy, now I could have somewhere to share them! I admit to being a little bit worried about showing my face, though. My blog here is meant to be anonymous, and now I was NOT being completely anonymous… What if someone I knew saw?? I was pretty nervous.

I’m not even sure I had that Instagram account for a week. I was freaked out the whole time that someone would see it. And sure enough, even though I did everything “right,” their data collectors still matched up my info and started “suggesting” my blog to people I knew. Luckily I’d made it private, but still… who knows who actually saw it, considering the bio is readable and it had all the pertinent letters (ddlg, d/s, etc). Not only that, Instagram is… a wild rodeo… to put it nicely. My pictures are all PG, but people are not always so tame. There are definitely all sorts out there… and I can’t deal with that. Not as a Little.

So then I just didn’t even want to blog. I thought that maybe trying to reach out and connect as someone like… this… was a mistake. Daddy can keep me safe and sheltered. Venturing out and talking to other people is inherently unsafe though. But… I had already subscribed to a few blogs and they come to my inbox regularly. I still read those. They sound like nice, good, sweet people. People I’d like to get to know.

I’m shy, anxious, and a bit gun-shy about all this. But… I want this blog. 🙂

being little

Being a little

Life as a Little can be a pretty weird balancing act between getting your regular adult life lived and being your little baby self. It gets especially crazy when you have friends and family in your life that don’t know about “that” side of you, and you’d rather keep it that way!

I know there’s some out there who feel they should be “out,” loud and proud and owning it to everyone in their lives. More power to you guys! That rocks!! If you are able to do that, it’s pretty cool.

I think there’s balance with everything we do. There’s pros and cons, ya know? And we gotta weigh those with what we got going on. For me, well, there are a lot of different kinds of people in my life, and many of them would be really freaked out by me liking some of the things I do!

That being said, more people than I realized *kinda* knew I’m a Little! (Even if they don’t really understand what that is, haha.) I guess I do act pretty child-like overall. I’ve always liked to wear pigtails in my hair; I get myself into the craziest, most mischievous situations; and I get really excited and awed by everything around me! (Do any of the rest of you ever wonder why most adults are so blah and jaded and bored by the world?? I really do! The world is amazing and interesting!!)

I’ve tried not being Little, not being a submissive… not being into any of this. Like, just forgetting it all and trying to be completely “normal.” I guess you can tell it didn’t stick! Some of us are just born a certain way…

And happy to be who we are!!

being little

Nice to meet you :)

Hi everyone! I’m Poppet. I used to blog a long time ago over on Blogger, but a lot in my life has changed — for the better, I might add! I don’t expect I’ll have very many visitors for awhile, but hopefully I can get back into the community and make some friends again.

Let me tell you a bit about myself: I’m female and identify as such. I’m a submissive and a Little. I live with and am married to my (male) dominant Daddy, who is so wonderful to me. We have been together for four years now, but we’ve known each other much longer. We both are poly, but don’t practice it at the moment.

My Little-ness ranges from, oh, like six or seven all the way down to being pretty babyish. *grin* Sometimes I am totally abdl and sometimes I am Daddy’s little princess in panties and a tutu. So.. yeah, Daddy gets the whole rainbow with me!

We’re not just Daddy and little girl though. We are also Dominant and submissive and can play pretty rough sometimes. And sometimes we even engage in pet play; I love being Master’s little kitten… purrr…

I really want to make friends through blogging. I don’t know any other Littles or subs, but when I read others’ blogs, I long to get to know them!